eStaff Directory

 Name Rank   Position Directorate/DepartmentOffice Symbol 
Linette LahanColonelCommander Command CC
Bob Moore Lieutenant Colonel Vice Commander CommandCV 
(Vacant)  Chief of Staff Command CS 
Rick Franz SMSgt Government Relations Advisor Command GR 
Rick Franz SMSgt NCO Advisor Command CCC 
Chaplain Command HC 
Mark Weiss Major Director Aerospace Education AE 
Cathy Mages Major External Aerospace Education Officer Aerospace Education AE
Robin Dutton Major Director Cadet Programs CP 
Mark Lahan Lieutenant Colonel Assistant Director (ady) Cadet Programs CP 
Burgess Rennels Colonel Assistant Director (ady) Cadet Programs CP 
W. Petrie C/2d Lieutenant Chair, Wing Cadet Advisory Council Cadet Programs CP 
B. McCracken C/Captain Representative to North Central Region Cadet Advisory Council Cadet Programs CP 
Tim Hansen Colonel Director Operations DO 
Mark Lahan Lieutenant Colonel Assistant Director (ady) Operations DO 
Sid Ashen-Brenner MajorDirector Communications DC 
Eric Davis Major Assistant Director (ady) Communications DC
Mark LahanLieutenant ColonelEmergency Services OfficerOperationsDOS 
JD Spradling Lieutenant Colonel Disaster Relief Officer Operations DO
Aaron Diller Major Standardization/Evaluation Officer Operations DOV 
Doug Dutton Lieutenant Colonel Director Finance FM
Donald Whitney Lieutenant Colonel Legal Officer General Counsel JA
Doug Lamb Major Legal Officer (ady) General Counsel JA 
Jon Vega 1st Lieutenant Director Information Technology IT 
Cole Oakland Technical Flight Officer Assistant Director (ady) Information Technology IT 
Donald Mansker 1st Lieutenant Assistant Director (ady) Information Technology IT 
Christine Settani Captain Director Logistics LG 
Tim Hansen Colonel Transportation Officer (ady) Logistics LG
Doug Dutton Lieutenant Colonel Maintenance Officer (ady) Logistics LG 
Cindy McCracken 2nd Lieutenant Supply Officer (ady) Logistics LG 
Danny Phillips Lieutenant Colonel Director Recruiting and Retention RR 
Daren Jaeger Lieutenant Colonel Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs PA 
Cole Oakland Technical Flight Officer Assistant Public Affairs Officer (ady) Public Affairs PA 
Burgess Rennels Colonel Director Administration DA 
Mark Lahan Lieutenant Colonel Plans and Programs Officer Plans and Programs XP
Valerie Jaffee Major Director Professional Development PD 
Danny Rodehaver Major Director Safety SE 

*(ady) denotes additional duty assignment
Current as of 16 August 2018