Kansas Wing Ceremonies School

Announcement: The dates and location for the next Ceremonies School have been released.
26 June 2017 - 9 July 2017, Camp Dodge, Iowa. (There will be no Winter 2016 Ceremonies School)

Applications for the Ceremonies School Cadet Commander are now open through 1 November 2017.
(Application will be take from 1 October to 1 November or until a suitable candidate can be found. Please send a Resume with Cover Letter and CAP Form 31 to CeremoniesSchool@KSWG.CAP.gov. NOTE: The CAP Form 31 only needs to be signed up to the Squadron Commander level to be considered for a staff position, however the Wing Commander signature will eventually be needed, but not required until a later time.)


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The Kansas Wing Ceremonies School offers a wide range of training opportunities for both Cadet and Senior Member in the area of Standard Drill, Color Guard and Honor Guard procedures as well as new curriculum in the areas of Music and Protocol.

The Ceremonies School is composed of multiple Academies each with multiple separate courses:

Command and Ceremonial Support Academy
        - Team Support Course*

        - - Excellence Prep Elective Course**

        - - Drill Excellence Elective Course**

        - - Color Guard Elective
         * Senior Members are welcomed and encouraged to participate as Team Support School Students
         ** All Students take the Team Support Course and choose one of the Drill and Ceremonies related Electives.

Honor Guard Academy

        - Honor Guard 1 (Color Element)

        - Honor Guard 2 (Ceremonies)

        - Honor Guard 3 (Drill Team)

Summer Music Squadron***

        - Field and Jazz Band

        - Unconventional Instruments

        - Choir

         *** Senior Members are welcomed and encouraged to participate as Summer Music Squadron Students and Staff.

Senior Member Academy (Pending Course Revision for Summer 2017; Courses may be combined)

        - Senior Member Course 1 (Standard Drill Orientation and TLC Credit) 

        - Senior Member Course 2 (Honor Guard Drill Orientation and TLC Credit)

         * Senior Members are welcomed and encouraged to participate as Team Support School Students


The Ceremonies School has a three-fold Mission:

1 – Encampment or Activity Support: Upon request, provide Honor Guard and Ceremonial Support capabilities to a co-located Encampment or other Activity.

2 – Professional Development: Train Cadets and Senior Members to be highly motivated, basically trained Ceremonial Airmen capable of returning to their home squadrons possessing the foundational attitude, knowledge, skills and abilities to start and sustain a  Cadet Competition Team, Unit Honor Guard Program and/or Ceremonial Music component. We achieve this through a 3 tiered training system where the universal basics are taught first and then students can move beyond to more technical aspects of performance.

3 – Program Sustainment: Set a solid foundation for the future of the Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard Program, Cadet Competition Program and Military Music Program in Kansas Wing and beyond by upholding the finest traditions of Integrity, Excellence, Service and Respect, while producing Instructional and Motivational Training Aids, Guides, Publications and Multi-Media Productions for use at the Kansas Wing Encampment, the Ceremonies School and beyond.