Packing List


Absolutely NO Camelbaks allowed at the Winter Ceremonies School
(Camelbaks are authorized for the Summer Ceremonies School but are not recommended; instead military 1 quart canteens are attached to a web belt is preferred)

Mark All Items with Name and/or CAP ID.

The most often forgotten items:
 - Athletic shoes - Deodorant - Blanket - BDU boots - Flight Cap - Shower Shoes - Underwear  - BDU cover  - Socks
 Special Note for Command and Ceremonial Support Academy Students and Staff:

Your packing list is the same as the Basic Encampment except you are expected to bring a Tie (Male) or Tab (Female)

 Special Note for Honor Guard Academy Students and Staff:

Required Items for HGA students and staff
  • Male cadet officer cap with strap
  • Service Coat with tie (male) or tab (female)

 Special Note for Staff:

Optional Items for Cadet and SM Staff:
  • Service Dress suggested (required for HGA).
  • Mess Dress or equivalent suggested but not required.
  • Laptop and power cable