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We’re looking for talented , motivated individuals who want to become part of a growing program and winning team.

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                                        -    Summer Music Squadron
                                            -    Band
                                            -    Choir
                                        -    Command and Ceremonial Support Academy
                                            -    Team Support Course
                                            -    Excellence Prep Elective Course
                                            -    Drill Excellence Elective Course
                                            -    Color Guard Elective
                                        -    Honor Guard Academy
                                            Honor Guard 1 (Color Element)

                                                 - Honor Guard 2 (Ceremonies)

                                                 - Honor Guard 3 (Drill Team)

                                       - Senior Member Academy
                                            - Student Coordinator
                                            - TLC Director



“Ceremonies School had a uniquely cohesive team, I was able to place my full trust in every one of them.”

James Sagstetter, C/1st Lt

Minnesota Wing

Instructor: Honor Guard 1

Years with Ceremonies School: 1

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Cadet Commander

Cadet Vice Commander

Cadet Deputy Commander

Cadet Executive Officer

Cadet Operations Officer




The Ceremonies School is composed of 4 Academies and 1 Independent School/Course that handle all levels of drill and ceremonies. Click on the Academy below to see more information about the courses they offer.

Team Support School

- Team Support Course

Drill Leadership Academy

- Excellence Prep Course

- Drill Excellence Course

- Color Guard Course

Honor Guard Academy

- Colors Element Course

- Ceremonies Element Course

- Demonstration Element Course

Link to MCA: coming soon.

- Choir Level 0

- Choir Level 1

- Choir Level 2

Link to SMA: coming soon



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