Cadet Commander

1.1. Ceremonies School Cadet Commander (C/CC)

1.1.1.     Overview. Commands the cadets of the Ceremonies School and performs duties related to cadet positions. Sets the overall tone of the cadet activity to ensure a positive, motivated atmosphere is maintained throughout the cadet corps. This position requires a dynamic leader because, unlike an encampment where all or most of the flights preform the same function and have the same expected training outcomes, at the Ceremonies School all of the subordinate echelons hove different functions, go to different classes with different curriculum and have different expected training outcomes. The Cadet Commander reports to the Ceremonies School Commander.

1.1.2.     They shall:   Establish plans and procedures to accomplish the policies established for the Ceremonies School.   Work with the C/CV, C/CD, C/DO and C/Executive Officer to implement directives from senior staff.   Serve as the principle cadet planner prior to the activity.   Coordinate cadet staff activities.   Direct cadet staff officers.   Coordinate with senior staff   Serves as liaison between senior and cadet staff.   Ensure compliance with CAP directives.   Make personnel assignment recommendations. Monitor cadet staff compliance with Cadet Protection policies. Other duties as assigned.

1.1.3.     The Ceremonies School will coordinate with the Encampment. Initially the Ceremonies School Cadet Commander will directly coordinate with the Encampment Cadet Commander to determine how ongoing normal coordination between the 2 units will be handled, by creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Ideally this MOU would designate the Ceremonies School Cadet Executive Officer to liaise with the Encampment Cadet Executive Officer, however cadet experiences and capabilities vary so a liaison arrangement may be made with any of the officers of the Ceremonies School and Encampment. [For example the Ceremonies School C/XO may liaise with the Encampment C/CD or the Ceremonies School may be asked to liaise with a mature and capable Encampment First Sergeant making it appropriate to assign the Ceremonies School First Sergeant or Superintendent as the Liaison, if they are also of appropriate maturity and capability, otherwise if they are not yet of appropriate maturity and/or capability, then the C/XO would also still be appropriate. The Ceremonies School C/CC should also not be afraid to disapprove of setting up a liaison agreement with a cadet or cadets that may have personality conflicts. The MOU works both ways and is not a directive that one officer issues to another, it is an agreement that both parties must work together to create and follow. Compromise on both or either side may be required to create a MOU and make it work.]

1.1.4.     Immediate Subordinates:   Cadet Vice Commander (C/CV)   Cadet Deputy Commander (C/CD)   Cadet Executive Officer (C/XO)   Cadet Operations Officer (C/DO)   Summer Music Squadron Cadet Commander (SMS C/CC)   Command and Ceremonial Support Academy Cadet Commander (CSA C/CC)   Honor Guard Academy Cadet Commander (HGA C/CC)   First Sergeant (C/CCF)

1.1.5.     The Immediate Supervisor of the Cadet Commander is the Ceremonies School Commander.