Cadet Vice Commander

1.2. Cadet Vice Commander (C/CV)

1.2.1.     General. Vice Commander. An officer who shares a commander's duties and acts for the commander during the commander's absence. If command is properly assumed or appointed a vice commander may exercise all command authority.

1.2.2.     The Cadet Vice Commander works closely with the Ceremonies School Commander and Cadet Commander to develop plans and procedures to achieve mission success.

        Unless otherwise assigned the Cadet  Deputy Commander has a functional area focus on Operations.

1.2.3.     Immediate Subordinates:   Cadet Deputy Vice Commander (C/CDV)

1.2.4.     The Cadet Vice Commander will coordinate staff functions with outside units and subordinate echelons and/or officers as assigned.

1.2.5.   The Immediate Supervisor of the Cadet Vice Commander is the Cadet Commander.