Deputy Commander, Ceremonies School

Deputy Commander, Ceremonies School
Applications are due no later than (Open until filled)

Activity: Winter Ceremonies School; Dec 2015 - Jan 2016

Echelon: Ceremonies School HQ

Location: Salina, KS

Membership Type: Senior Member (in KSWG Preferred Open to all CAP: Applications are due no later than (Open until filled))

Preferred Experience: 
• 1st Lt or higher
• CPPT Advanced
• Unit leadership experience at Squadron/Group/Wing level.
• Comparable civilian or military experience of like responsibility which compliments this experience preferred.
• Highly knowledgeable of AFMAN 36-2203 Drill and Ceremonies
• Highly knowledgeable of Interim Guidance: Cadet Honor Academy dated January 2013
• Familiar with CAPP 52-8 CAP Unit Honor Guard Program
• Familiar with AFI 34-1201 PROTOCOL and AFPAM 34-1201 GUIDE TO PROTOCOL 
• Familiar with relevant portions of USAF HONOR GUARD MANUAL: BASE HONOR GUARD PROGRAM
• Familiar with USAF Honor Guard Training Guide
• Active previous participation in the staff of a Kansas Wing Special Activity, NCSA, CSA or Encampment
• Must be enrolled in the Cadet Programs specialty track, preferably at the Senior Level or higher

Term of Service: 1 Year; May 2015 - April 2016

Function: Assist the Ceremonies School Commander in coordinating the training of the Kansas Wing Honor Guard Academy (a Nationally Recognised, Cadet Special Activities run by Kansas Wing) and the Drill Leadership Academy (a Region Cadet Honor Academy and center for drill excellence).

• Must have a sense of commitment to the position and the cadet corps 
• Involved personally with cadet issues facing the Civil Air Patrol 
• Displays an attitude/philosophy of: professionalism, leadership, coaching/mentoring skills, quality management practices, focused on people 
• An attitude of service and selflessness to the Civil Air Patrol 
• The ability to devote the necessary time needed to succeed 
• Must be a Cadet Programs leader who is able to lead the cadet corps into the future 

• Will be made by the Kansas Wing Commander, with supervision by the CSA Officer (Ceremonies School Commander) after the appointment

Personal Traits: The following are ideal traits for the position: 
• Personal Integrity 
• An honorable person 
• Moral courage 
• Recognizes quality people 
• Capable of mutual trust 
• Judgment – common sense 
• Self-starter 
• Perceptive 
• Loyal to organization 
• Team player 
• Willing to confront people/issues 
• Takes responsibility 
• Gives credit when/where credit is due 
• Respect for others 
• Sets example 
• Develops loyalty and confidence in staff 
• Communicates well 
• Energetic 
• Has wisdom 
• Has imagination 
• Has confidence 
• Projects positive image 
• Realistic self-assessment 
• Able to train/develop subordinates 
• Has good instincts 
• Has healthy skepticism 
• Sense of humor

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