Drill Leadership Academy Director

Drill Leadership Academy Director
Applications are due no later than (Open until filled)

Activity: Winter Ceremonies School/DLA; Dec 2015 - Jan 2016

Echelon: Drill Leadership Academy HQ

Location: Salina, KS

Membership Type: Senior Member (in NCR Preferred)

• 1st Lt or higher
• CPPT Advanced
• Unit leadership experience at Squadron/Group/Wing level.
• Comparable civilian or military experience of like responsibility which compliments this experience preferred.
• Highly knowledgeable of AFMAN 36-2203 Drill and Ceremonies
• Highly knowledgeable of Interim Guidance: Cadet Honor Academy dated January 2013
• Highly knowledgeable of CAPM 52-4 
• Highly knowledgeable of CAPP 52-4 
• Vaguely aware of CAPP 52-8 CAP Unit Honor Guard Program
• Familiar with AFI 34-1201 PROTOCOL and AFPAM 34-1201 GUIDE TO PROTOCOL 
• Active previous participation in the staff of a Kansas Wing Special Activity, NCSA, CSA or Encampment
• Must be enrolled in the Cadet Programs specialty track, preferably at the Senior Level or higher

Term of Service: 1 Year; May 2015 - April 2016

Function: Lead the Drill Leadership Academy, a Region Cadet Honor Academy and center for drill excellence.

• Must have a sense of commitment to the position and the cadet corps 
• Involved personally with cadet issues facing the Civil Air Patrol 
• Displays an attitude/philosophy of: professionalism, leadership, coaching/mentoring skills, quality management practices, focused on people 
• An attitude of service and selflessness to the Civil Air Patrol 
• The ability to devote the necessary time needed to succeed 
• Must be a Cadet Programs leader who is able to lead the cadet corps into the future

• Will be made by the Kansas Wing Commander, with supervision by the CSA Officer (Ceremonies School Commander) after the appointment

Personal Traits: The following are ideal traits for the position: 
• Personal Integrity 
• An honorable person 
• Moral courage 
• Recognizes quality people 
• Capable of mutual trust 
• Judgment – common sense 
• Self-starter 
• Perceptive 
• Loyal to organization 
• Team player 
• Willing to confront people/issues 
• Takes responsibility 
• Gives credit when/where credit is due 
• Respect for others 
• Sets example 
• Develops loyalty and confidence in staff 
• Communicates well 
• Energetic 
• Has wisdom 
• Has imagination 
• Has confidence 
• Projects positive image 
• Realistic self-assessment 
• Able to train/develop subordinates 
• Has good instincts 
• Has healthy skepticism 
• Sense of humor

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