In Processing, Graduation and Out Processing
is located at Ogden Community Center 220 Willow St, Ogden, KS 66517

All participants report to the Ogden Community Center, 220 Willow St, Ogden, KS 66517. 
Staff & Cadre report between 0900 and NOON 26 Dec 2016 
Students report at 1300

Do not drop off cadets at encampment to check-in by themselves. Although you will not be able to accompany your cadet through the entire in-processing, last minute application paperwork issues (or haircuts) may require adult assistance. 

The encampment staff is conducting in-processing for over 250 people in one day. It must move quickly and efficiently. We do not have time to correct paperwork. Paperwork should have been completed and verified prior to arrival.This activity is completely booked.

Encampment senior staff members inspect each cadet’s luggage as part of in-processing. Encampment staff will confiscate prohibited items. Please do not “surprise” your cadet by tucking away a package of chocolate chip cookies in their luggage. They will get the blame – but not the cookies!

Haircuts and hairstyles will be inspected prior to check-in. Haircuts and hairstyles must meet CAP grooming standards throughout the duration of encampment. Staff will not allow cadets to in-process if hair does not meet CAP grooming standards. Do not arrive at encampment with haircuts/hairstyles that do not meet standards. If in doubt, cut it shorter!

All participants report to the Ogden Community Center, 220 Willow St, Ogden, KS 66517 for in-processing.

In-processing for encampment basic cadets is at 1300 on 26 December. Please feed them lunch before they get to in-processing. The first meal is not scheduled until the evening meal. If they show up earlier, they will stand in line until in-processing begins at 1300, or put to work until in-processing begins. 

Graduation will begin at 1100 hours 2 Jan 2017 at Ogden Community Center. 

Out processing will begin immediately following graduation. Please be prepared to wait for the cadets to sign out, and gather their packets and gear. This process may take upto an hour. This is a great time to visit and take photos.