Staff & Cadre

 8th Kansas Wing Training Group
Winter Encampment
Fort Riley
Junction City, Kansas

26 December 2016 – 2 January 2017

Encampment Commander: Lt Col Danny Phillips
Deputy Commander for Support: Lt Col Mark Lahan
Safety Officer: Capt Arturo Chacon and 1st Lt Lt Paul Stansberry
Commandant of Cadets: Capt Christine Settanni
Chief Training Officer: Maj Doug Crockett   
Admin: Maj Pat Crockett

25 June 2016 Staff Letter of Intent and Resumes are being accepted 
31 Aug 2016 Deadline for Letter of Intent and Resumes for Cadet Executive Staff 
15 Sept 2016 Deadline for Letter of Intent and Resumes for all other cadet staff positions 
17 Sept 2016 Staff Selection - Salina, KS
2-4 Dec 2016  Staff Training Packet-Information/Packing List/Schedule
9 Dec 2016 Gate Access Security List Deadline
26 Dec 2016 0900-1200 Staff and Cadre Report for In Processing Ogden Community Center

Encampment is a basic introduction to the CAP way of life and is an opportunity to experience leadership from both a follower’s and leader’s point of view. Encampment is a unique training opportunity because of the week-long “total immersion” concept that introduces cadets to a military environment at an active military installation. Although encampment is not a military boot camp, it is very intense training! It is an excellent way to meet new cadets from throughout the Wing, and nation, and aids in establishing an “esprit de corps” among the “next generation” of cadet leaders