Encampment Commander: Lt Col Danny Phillips
Deputy Commander for Support: Lt Col Mark Lahan
Safety Officer: Capt Arturo Chacon and 1st Lt Lt Paul Stansberry
Commandant of Cadets: Capt Christine Settanni
Chief Training Officer: Maj Doug Crockett   
Admin: Maj Pat Crockett



STEP 1. Email your Letter of Intent and Resume to encampment@kswg.cap.gov

STEP 2.Complete the online registration form 

STEP 3. DOWNLOAD & Fill out KSWG Encampment forms  ON YOUR COMPUTER not by hand.

STEP 4. Obtain ALL REQUIRED signatures 

STEP 5. Email SIGNED KSWG FORMS & copy of Insurance card to encampment@kswg.cap.gov. 

STEP 6. Pay $185 using PayPal 

STEP 7. Make sure you have the appropriate ID to enter Fort Riley

STEP 8. Finalize Transportation plans and fill out the TRANSPORTATION FORM

STEP 9. Please fill out both Security Access Forms
          1. Fort Riley Gate Access Form 103-1 (Individual Access Request)
            • email signed for to encampment@kswg.cap.gov
          2. Fort Riley Gate Access Form 104 (Group Access Request)
            • this for is submitted online

    No position will be slotted until ALL application steps have been completed and ALL required signatures have been obtained and payment has been received.