7th Kansas Wing Training Group
Winter Encampment
Salina, Kansas
27 December 2015 – 3 January 2016
This year will be the best yet! Apply early to guarantee your spot at this activity.

Encampment is a basic introduction to the CAP way of life and is an opportunity to experience leadership from both a follower’s and leader’s point of view. Encampment is a unique training opportunity because of the week-long “total immersion” concept that introduces cadets to a military environment at an active military installation. Although encampment is not a military boot camp, it is very intense training! It is an excellent way to meet new cadets from throughout the Wing, and nation, and aids in establishing an “esprit de corps” among the “next generation” of cadet leaders


Cadet staff are also required to use this process. 

Professional Development Classes and Region Staff College also register here


Each Individual Must Apply Separately

STEP 3. 
  Fill out Kansas Wing Form 31 (CAPF 160, 161 and 163 are included in the Form 31) save as pdf.
Keep a copy of Forms 161 and 163  ON YOUR PERSON AT ALL TIMES during encampment!!

  Copy (front and back) of personal Medical Insurance Card save as pdf.            
STEP 4. 

Email to encampment@kswg.cap.gov, complete with all required signatures...ESPECIALLY your Wing Commander if you are not from the KSWG (without it, you will NOT be processed, and may be sent home. Period. Seriously. NOT kidding):

 STEP 5.   
    UPDATE any travel changes to  Travel Form

Alternative to email, you may USPS Mail forms to:
PO Box 3506
Salina, KS 67401
ATTN: Encampment

If you did not use PayPal above:
Include application fee (Check or money order to: Kansas Wing CAP)


Cadet Encampment Assistance Program
If you need financial assistance, the WINTER Encampment Assistance Application Process will open 1 Nov!
7th KSTG Winter Encampment Graduation
3rd January 2016 at 1300
Star Base Training Center
2929 Scanlan Ave 
Salina, KS 
Dismissal immediately after graduation


 Ceremonies School:
If you have already attended a basic encampment and are interested in Advanced Training, consider attending the Ceremonies School!
The Ceremonies School has evolved into a much larger program with multiple and different week long courses to chose from. Please visit the new Ceremonies School web page for more information.

Questions about Encampment?
Check out the Encampment FAQs..... and if you still have questions, just contact via Email: encampment@kswg.cap.gov 

This year’s special events may include:
  • NRA Marksmanship Qualification
  • Obstacle Course
  • Orientation Ride (depends of DoD)
  • Rocketry

Dates and Deadlines to be aware of:
  • Staff: Applications for Cadet Staff are NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED. Senior Staff applications are being accepted any time. We are excited to be putting together a highly motivated and trained cadre to lead and train the 7th KSTG! Staff applicants must pre-register, submit CAP resume and KSWGF-31 (link above in STEP 3) to encampment@kswg.cap.gov
  • Cadet Basic and Honor Guard: Applications accepted from 1 September through 15 November
  • Application fees are due along with application to be officially slotted... No fee = No slot... First come, first served basis

....and, if you're late:
  • Late Registration 16 November through 15 December
  • Late application with increased fees (additional $25) accepted 16 November through 15 December
  • Withdrawal Deadline 15 December
  • Formal (written) withdrawals on/before 15 December receive full refund (PayPal usage charges will not be refunded under any circumstances)
  • Withdrawals and No-Shows after 15 December receive no refund 

Waiting List (in the event all slots are filled, and you paid but have not been slotted)
  • Those that remain on the official waiting list at the start of encampment will be refunded after the start of encampment
  • PayPal usage charges will not be refunded under any circumstances

Fees (subject to change):
  • Encampment Application Fee (through 15 November):
  • Basic Cadet Encampment $175
  • Cadet Staff for Encampment : $150
  • Senior Staff: $125
Encampment Late Application Fee after 15 November: Add $25

Travel Map
Pre-register with your travel plans and get added to the map! 

To coordinate rides contact Maj Pat Crockett @ encampment@kswg.cap.gov

Encampment Begins 27 December 2015!