7th KSTG 2015 Winter Encampment Packing List

Kansas Wing Encampment Equipment List (read thoroughly)

Items that are Contraband and will be taken away from cadets basics at In-processing: 

Candy, gum, food, or drinks of any kind

Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives and scissors)

Liquid shoe polish

Lighters, matches

iPods, cell phones, video games, or other toys (if these are brought for the long car ride they will be stored for the duration of the activity, but Kansas Wing is not responsible for lost or stolen items)


    • New shoes are NOT recommended for this activity. Shoes should be broken in beforehand. However, old worn out shoes can be just as detrimental. They will put a lot of miles on their shoes at encampment. Sending a cadet to encampment with shoes that will fall apart while they are there is not recommended.
    • Attempt to mark all clothing items with name (particularly BDU pants).
    • While we try to provide a comprehensive list, your individual needs may not be addressed.
    •  You will be expected to transport your own luggage, on your own, during and after In-Processing; pack accordingly.
    • Also, this is a winter encampment in Kansas. The temperature has varied from 0 to 60 degrees, rain, snow, and ice. Wind is a given; pack accordingly.
    • CAP Manual 39-1 should be referenced for any uniform items in question. 

The most often forgotten items:

      • Athletic shoes Deodorant Blanket
      • BDU boots Flight Cap Shower Shoes
      • Underwear BDU cover Socks

Cadets attending Basic Encampment: Kansas Wing Supply simply cannot address all your needs. It is highly recommended that you (literally) dress yourself in each uniform (PT/Blues/BDU) and pack them as you remove them. This will ensure that you have not forgotten the little things. Travel uniform will be PT (exception: commercial airline travelers will be in blues). Cadet Basics will be asked to change into each uniform sometime during the first few hours of in-processing to determine if anything is missing. We may contact your home to have missing items shipped at your expense. If it is on the list, pack it. If it not on the list, you will not need it, or it will be provided.

Cadet Basics (only) will be provided with sheets, pillow and pillow cases. Attendees other activities and basic encampment staff will still need to bring sheets/pillow/pillow case.

Blankets for Cadet Basics: the ideal blanket is polyester or wool, military-style, twin-size blanket, conservative solid color. DO NOT bring blankets that are made of soft, microfiber, or very stretchy fabrics, as it is very difficult to make a bed to the standards required with these materials. DO NOT bring sleeping bags.

Cadets: show this list to your parents or another responsible person that can help verify that you have everything. It never hurts to have another person double check with a “new set of eyes.” Best advice from a cadet staffer: “If it’s on the list, bring it; if it’s not on the list, you don’t need it."

Required Items for Attendees (Encampment, Honor Guard): ITEMS SHOULD BE CLEARLY LABELED WITH YOUR NAME, IF POSSIBLE 

General Items:

    • 1 Blanket (conservative. See note above) 
    • 1 canteen with belt or Camelbak (black or camouflage/green... per CAPM 39-1) 
    • 1 laundry bag (marked with name) 
    • 1 pocket-size notebook (for taking notes) 2 new black pens 
    • 1 shoeshine kit (paste polish only – no liquid polish) 
    • Sunscreen (30 SPF minimum) 
    • Sewing kit (thread, needle)


    • Shampoo Toothbrush Body Soap (liquid is easier) 
    • Comb or brush 
    • Deodorant 
    • Shaving items (if needed) 
    • Toothpaste 
    • Foot powder
    • 1 white bath towel 
    • 1 white washcloth 
    • 1 package of moleskin 
    • 1 pair shower sandals (most-often item missed – do not skip this) 
    • approx. 4 matching clothes hangers (enough for the uniforms you bring) 
    • 1 warm conservative blanket, single color (see note above for additional details) 
    • Chapstick 
    • Flashlight 
    • Safety vest 
    • Camera (optional) 
    • Necessary prescription medications (MUST be in original container) 
    • 8 pair underwear 
    • Females: undergarments, feminine hygiene products, hair spray, hair pins

PT Uniforms: 

    • 2 black PT sweatpants (you may bring shorts in addition to sweatpants) 8 pairs white athletic socks 1 pair athletic shoes 1 black light jacket or black sweatshirt (preferably with hood)
    • BDU Uniforms: 1 BDU cover
    • 8 black t-shirts (used for PT also) 2 BDU blouses 1 set of grade insignia 2 pair BDU pants
    • 1 BDU blue belt with black buckle and tip 1 set blousing bands 8 pairs boot socks 1 pair black boots
    • 1 field jacket (with nametape and CAP tape) 1 pair black or navy blue winter gloves
    • 1 black or navy blue stocking cap Blues Uniforms:
    • 1 blue flight cap with hat device 3 white v-neck t-shirts 1 short sleeve blues shirt 1 nameplate
    • 1 ribbon holder with ribbons 
    • 1 pair blues slacks 
    • 1 blues belt with chrome buckle and tip 
    • 4 pairs black dress socks 
    • 1 pair blues uniform shoes; low quarters (no pumps or heels) 
    • 1 blues trench coat or conservative coat (does not have to be AF issue... please no sports team coats)

Everybody must bring:

    • Your current CAPID card (or a temporary ID from eServices) A copy of the following (even though you mailed them already) CAPF-161 CAPF-163 

Additional Required Items for Honor Guard School Cadets:

    • Male cadet officer cap – this is the standard item for a Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard member. Both males and females wear this cap. 
    • Service Coat with tie/tie-tab 
    • Bring your own bedding (pillow, sheets, blanket)

Additional Required Items for Cadet Staff:

    • Clipboard 
    • Watch B
    • Bring your own bedding (pillow, sheets, blanket)

Optional Items for Cadet Staff:

    • Service Coat with tie/tie-tab 
    • Laptop and power cable (if desired), but you’ll be responsible for keeping track of it 
    • Cell phone and charging cable (consider bringing a power strip and extension cord, too)

Special note to Senior Members:

Your packing list is basically the same as the cadets and cadet staff. However, you will be in charge of securing your own contraband. Since you will be in direct contact with cadets either on staff, and/or basics, you are expected to refrain from using contraband items in their presence. You may certainly keep your cell phone if you have one, for your own use, or in case of an emergency. We ask that you provide encampment with your cell phone number, as an additional method to contact you. Under no circumstances should a cadet be permitted to use your cell phone without prior permission from the encampment commander. For the Dining In seniors may choose to wear a mess dress if they so desire.

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