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Amelia Earhart Award


The Amelia Earhart Award honors the late Amelia Earhart, aviatrix, advocate, and pioneer, who set many records for women aviators in aviation’s infancy, and who was lost while attempting to be the first woman to circumnavigate the globe.

The second milestone of the Cadet Program is the Amelia Earhart Award, which is earned after the receipt of the General Billy Mitchell Award and the completion of the first eleven achievements of the Cadet Program. In addition, the cadet must pass a comprehensive 100-question examination covering aerospace topics, leadership theory and staff duties.

In accordance with its importance within the Cadet Program, the Amelia Earhart Award is normally presented by a CAP Wing Commander (or higher) or a state or federal government elected official. Once a cadet earns the Earhart Award, he or she is promoted to the grade of Cadet Captain. Any cadet who has received this award, and who later enters CAP’s Senior Member program, is eligible for immediate promotion to CAP 1st Lieutenant at age 21.

Cadets who receive the Amelia Earhart Award also enjoy all the benefits gained from earning the General Billy Mitchell Award. Additionally, these Earhart Award cadets are now eligible to apply for participation in the International Air Cadet Exchange.

Kansas Wing Recipients