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Ed Hill ES Award


The Lt Col Ed Hill Award was established to honor a pillar of Kansas Wing Operations who was killed in an automobile accident in October 2008 en route to a mission.

Ed joined Civil Air Patrol in November 1995. He was an aviation professional and became an icon in Kansas Wing emergency services. His qualifications included nearly every position from incident commander to mission staff assistant. He held every pilot qualification available in Civil Air Patrol. Lt Col Hill had ratings in several specialty tracks including Operations and safety. He served as the Safety Officer at National Blue Beret in 2003 and also earned the Gill Robb Wilson Award.

At the time of his death, Lt Col Hill served as the Kansas Wing Director of Operations and Counterdrug Officer. He will not only be remembered for the excellence with which he performed his numerous duties, but also for his cooking at the Kansas Emergency Services Academies. He will long be missed by his frinds and comrades.

In honor of our friend and fellow volunteer, this award will be recognize members of the Kansas Wing who exhibit dedication and excellence in Operations.

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