KSWG Google Apps- what is it?

Current member of the Kansas Wing,

Before you can sign up for your official Kansas Wing email address and start exploring the features of your Google Apps account, let's take a moment to briefly review what your Google Apps account is and how you can use it. As a reminder, your Google Apps account is property of Kansas Wing, Civil Air Patrol. If you allow your membership to expire for a period greater than 90 days, your account will be automatically deleted.

You can always click the "Google Apps Learning Center" image with the apple on it to the right => to learn more about each application. But below is a short overview:

Wing E-mail --
The "cornerstone" of your new Google Apps account is your official email address in the format firstname.lastname@kswg.cap.gov.
Easy setup with popular email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, X-Mail, and many others.
Most modern cell phones are capable of retrieving your Kansas Wing Email!
E-mail "groups"
Email distribution lists without the hassle of list maintenance!
Group "owners" (probably a squadron commander or deputy) can send a message to groupname@kswg.cap.gov to distribute important an important announcement.
Keep using your old email address.
Using your official CAP email address is important when communicating outside of our organization. However, you may opt to have all of your CAP email forwarded to the personal address you already know and love.
Click HERE to request your kswg.cap.gov email address (you must be a member of the kansas wing).

Wing Calendar --
Quickly publish your squadron's upcoming events to the web. And even set up reminders.
Schedule a staff meeting, send out event invites, and easily attach your meeting agenda. Google Apps keeps track of your RSVPs and can even send out reminders.
Share calendars with everyone so they can view or even edit events.

Wing Sites --
Great for unit websites. Let your community know what your unit is up to!
Even better for sharing information privately with those you choose. Uses could include:
Cadet Advisory Council.
SAREX & GSAR planning.
Distributing unit files.
Encampment staff training.
This web page was created using Google Sites!

Wing Documents --
Create, share, and publish "Google Forms" for custom fill-able forms on the Internet, "Google Docs" for documents, "Google Sheets" spreadsheets, and "Google Slides" for presentations.
Collaborate in real-time over the Internet from anywhere
Great for:
Event planning.
Maintaining a unit address book.

Wing Drive --
Up to 15 Gigabites of free storage in the cloud that you can also sync with any computer hard drive.
Access your files from anywhere you have an Internet connection.