Missouri Wing Summer Encampment

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The Missouri Wing Summer Encampment and Staff Development School (SDS)

20-27 June 2015

Ft Leonard Wood


The 7th CTG is making great strides to ensure this is a quality encampment with not only marching and classroom to achieve the required training and contact hours, but filled with fun filled activities that undoubtedly will be remembered for the rest of their lives. Obstacle Courses, Helicopter Simulators, Orientation Flights, and other tours and hands-on applications are being scheduled, but are contingent upon weather of course.


Worried about their diet? MSgt O'Neill is a certified dietitian and can support any special diet or allergy. Her team prepares healthy meals with alternatives in case the cadet doesn't like the main course. Even the pickiest cadet will leave encampment nourished and talking about how delicious the food was!


Even after 23 years I reminisce about every Encampment and the activities we participated in and the fellow CAP members I met and most of us still keep in contact!


Required documents for enrollment (Forms hyperlinked for your convenience):


1. CAPF 31 - Application for CAP Encampment

*Please identify Basic Encampment or Staff Development School (SDS) in "Title of Activity"*

2. CAPF 160 - CAP Member Health History Form

3. CAPF 163 - Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication

4. Hold Harmless Agreement


All parents/guardians and your squadron commander MUST sign. 


**Members outside of Missouri Wing *MUST* obtain permission from their Wing Commander.


Fee: $120.00 (Subject to change)


Required documentation can either be scanned/emailed (with all required signatures) to encampment@mowgcap.org and/or mailed to:


William Sander

PO Box 7055

Whiteman AFB, MO 65305-1755


Fees can be paid by check or money order. Please do not send cash.




*Cadets must also complete the Supplemental Application (Hyperlinked)


Last but not least, please monitor our website and Facebook page for important updates and pre-arrival tidbits:



https://www.facebook.com/MissouriWingEncmapment (Actual spelling)


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For Senior Members we are in dire need of Training Officers (Previously known as Tactical Officers or TAC) and/or our Dining Facility (DFAC) Culinary Staff. We have a Certified Dietitian (MSgt "Charly" O'Neill) who runs our DFAC and needs help lest we pull cadets in rotation from Staff and the Flights to work "KP." Seniors do not pay the fee.


For cadets, we are fully staffed as our process for selecting cadet staff began in January with a Staff Selection Exercise, and we've already completed one Staff Training Weekend and will complete another this coming weekend to groom our Cadet Cadre.


However, there are openings in our Staff Development School (SDS) that is led by previous CTG Commanders/Spaatz Cadets. The cool thing about SDS is, since there is more flexibility with contact hours they get more opportunities to visit more training facilities than the "Students" (Previously Basic Cadets) and half way through the week, they actually get OJT by teaching some of the classes and drilling some of the flights. The SDS is not only a professional course to groom cadets for future CTG Cadre, but they can also apply their skills back at their home units! I am about to distribute an SDS invitation to Missouri Wing Cadets. Here is a copy:


You are invited to attend the 3rd Missouri Wing Staff Development School. I am C/Col Marlan Campbell and will be directing the Staff Development School this year. This mission of this course is: To educate and train cadets to be professional, disciplined servant leaders for Civil Air Patrol and the United States.


      In order to attend, one must be a Cadet Senior Airmen or above in grade and have graduated a basic encampment. 

      The Staff Development School (SDS) will be held during the Missouri Wing Summer Encampment (20-27 June, 2015). 

      To apply visit http://ctg.mowgcap.org/announcements/applications and follow all instructions. Questions can be directed to plucitt370@gmail.com or campbell.marlancap@gmail.com. Be sure to state SDS as your course choice. 

      Course fee is $120.00 


       The SDS course will included classroom instruction, academic work, team building, daily physical fitness, and flight and squadron drill. Training is demanding and rigorous, but in accordance with operational risk management. Most training is conducted in a practical, hands-on learning environment to promote quality leadership training.  


       Join me at the 3rd Staff Development School to train in true leadership. Thank you for your time, and good day!

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Lt Col Bill Sander, CAP
Encampment Commander - Missouri Wing
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Missouri Wing Civil Air Patrol

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