CAP Foundation Flight Scholarship Program Award Process




CAP Foundation Flight Scholarship Program Award Process

  1. Cadets will be nominated by the director of each CAP powered flight academy for selection to receive a private pilot license scholarship.  Nomination will consist of a primary candidate and two (2) alternates.
  2. Criteria for award will be nominated by National Flight Academy using the following:
  • Graduate of CAP National Flight Academy
  • Desire to have aviation career/be a pilot
  • Performance at National Flight Academy
    • CFI recommendation
    • Ground School Recommendation
    • Ground School Scores
  • Nominee must express the interest to enter an aviation-oriented career.
3. A list of vetted Cadets will be submitted to the CAP Foundation for review and selection.  Cadet Programs/CAP
Foundation should obtain the following:
  • Be available and agree to complete all required private pilot training/coursework within one (1) year of award.
  • Training should follow within 30-60 days of National Flight Academy completion
  • Letter of endorsement from the Cadet’s Squadron and Wing Commander.
  • Parents support/agreement
  • Cadet rank/achievement

4. Cadets will be notified by the CAP Foundation of their selection to receive a scholarship for private pilot license 

5. Award presentation yet to be determined due to the random timing of the CAP powered flight academies.
  • Cadet will identify FBO or Flight School to attend and coordinate with CAP Foundation Executive Director for payment schedule.**
  • Contract with the cadet and FBO/FS submitted to CAP Foundation.
  • FBO/FS will submit invoices to CAP Foundation for payment at pre-determined levels of accomplishment.
  • Feedback from trainer on progress of cadet

6. Upon successful completion of the instruction and examinations, the Cadet will provide the CAP Foundation with a
testimonial relating to the opportunity provided to obtain the private pilot license.

*Amount of each award may vary depending on the region of the country and price structure of the FBO or Flight School.

**FBO’s and Flight Schools, a current business entity - not an independent instructor.

6/29/15 4:18 PM